• Breyten Breytenbach Peace building; Gorée Institute in Dakar/Creative Writing; New York University
A Cacophony of Selves and a Conflict of Interests 15/06/2013
  • Eva Illouz
Making Self-Interest into an Emotion 15/06/2013
  • Robert H. Frank Cornell University
The Strategic Role of Moral Emotions 14/06/2013
  • Ute Frevert Max Planck Institut für Bildungsforschung Berlin
The Moral Economy of Dueling 14/06/2013
  • Sven Spieker Comparative Literature / University of California, Santa Barbara
Seeing Studies
How to Resist Global Translation
  • Philippe Descola Collège de France / Anthropologie de la nature
Ontologies of Images
A Comparative Perspective
  • Peter Galison Harvard University
Image and Logic
Culture, Deep in the Machines of Microphysics
  • Michael Taussig Anthropologie, Columbia University, New York
„Das Totenschiff“ 17/03/2012
  • David Abram Alliance for Wild Ethics
The speech of things and the commonwealth of breath 16/03/2012
  • Isabelle Stengers Wissenschaftsphilosophie, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Reclaiming Animism 16/03/2012
  • Tim Ingold University of Aberdeen
Making. Growing. Learning 31/01/2012
  • Swyngedouw Erik University of Manchester
The Ground‐Zero of Politics
Musing on the Post‐Political Polis
  • Okwui Enwezor Haus der Kunst, München,
Civitas, Citizenship, Civility
Art and the Civic Imagination
  • Serafina Cuomo Birkbeck College, London, United Kingdom
Textual strategies in Athenian account inscriptions 12/03/2011
  • King Colin Guthrie August-Boeckh-Antikezentrum
Epistemic democracy, ancient and modern 01/02/2011
  • Dennis Dijkzeul Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Local Perception of 'Outsiders' in Humanitarian Crisis 19/01/2011
  • Alexa Weik von Mossner Rachel Carson Center
After the Deluge
Disaster and the Reconfiguration of the Social in Contemporary Cinema
  • Cheryl Lousley Rachel Carson Centre, München / Lakeside University, Canada
Sentimental Globalism
The affective Politics of Live Aid and Ethiopia, 1984-85
  • Christina Ljungberg Universität Zürich
Maps from nowhere 12/06/2010
  • Hermann Parzinger Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Migrations and Mobility
Case Studies of the Scythian Period from the Eurasian Steppes
  • Abdel Yahya
Contested Spaces
Archaeology and Identity in Palestine