Our Neighbors, Ourselves: Contemporary Reflections on Survival

Homi Bhabha

The renowned literary and cultural theorist Homi K. Bhabha will hold a lecture on Our Neighbors, Ourselves: Contemporary Reflections on Survival. It is part of the Hegel Lectures series at Dahlem Humanities Center of Freie Universität.

Homi K. Bhabha teaches humanities at Harvard University, where he is also the Director of the Humanities Center. He is one of the most important literary and cultural theorists of our time. His work centers around issues of identity in the (post) colonial context. In addition to Edward Said and Gayatri Ch. Spivak, he characterizes the current discourse of postcolonial studies, particularly through his analysis of cultural development.

Bhabha’s thinking was inspired by Derrida, Lacan, and Foucault. In his major work The Location of Culture (1994), Bhabha analyzes the ambivalence of colonial relations, which he no longer understands as hegemonic power relations.

The annual interdisciplinary Hegel Lecture of the Dahlem Humanities Center is aimed at the general public. The lecture is devoted to the central value of Hegel’s philosophy – freedom.